Review: Dark Side Chicken and Waffles

darksidechickenandwafflesIn general, the idea of chicken and waffles was strange to me until I first tried them at a restaurant in Knoxville. Ever since then, I have been a fan and I try to get them when I see them on a menu.

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Backlot Express has several Star Wars-themed menu items. John and I both tried the Dark Side Chicken and Waffles. With a seemingly normal (for a theme park) price tag of $10.99, it comes with eight chicken breast nuggets and two Darth Vader waffles (complete with a warm cup of maple syrup).

For the money, the portion was great. The waffles that are famous at Walt Disney World were fantastic! I was a big fan. We both had our Rapid Fill mugs from the resort, and we were able to refill them at no charge, giving us the opportunity to not have to spend the hefty $3.19 for a beverage.

I highly recommend this entree! If you’ve had it, let us know how you feel about it!!


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